Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 1 of torture

just as I suspected...

Today marked Advocare cleanse: day 1. Almost a completed operation...

I hosted Easter yesterday at my house for the family. It was a really nice time, and the kiddos made out like bandits between our Easter egg hunt and traditional game of LCR. I loved Piper's little dress (Target) because it reminded me of a flapper girl. Let's just say the 'Target Bunny' was very good to her this year. (hehe) 

I was exhausted after cooking, hosting, and cleaning all day yesterday, but then found myself prepping all my and Lisa's foods for the next four days this morning. I was in front of the stove for almost 3 hours cooking portioned meals. (1/2 c carb, 3/4 c protein, 1 cup veggie) Like I had mentioned, I normally eat a balanced, pretty clean diet, but the cleanse and challenge menus are to be on-point, strict with portion size, and you add in Advocare product supplementation. Theory is, you could loose 12-15 lbs. depending on how closely you follow the diet plan, so I woke up roaring and ready to get going with this.

Luckily I prepped the meats and stocked up on veggies prior, so it was just the preparing to do. 

On the first day of the cleanse, when you wake up, you are to drink a fiber drink that comes in the cleanse package, followed by a tall glass of water, proceed to eat your breakfast (protein, carb, veggie) and then say 'sayonara' to pretty much anything else of substance for the rest of the day. All you are supposed to eat (for the first day only) is fruits and vegetables. Working out is not suggested on the first day either. I ate lots of fruit in the beginning of the day, and ended with a large vegetable stocked salad and fruit on the side. I dressed it with tons of vinegar (if you know me you know I love vinegar) and sprinkled a dash of Splenda on top for a little sweetness to get me through. I'm thinking I may even have another one of those salads to end the night and keep me from feeling hungry. The 'Spark' energy drink Advocare sells is truly energy of the Gods. It doesn't make you jittery, but wakes you up and enhances your alertness (I swear) as well as aids as an appetite suppressant. It helped a lot today.

So, this is the MENU through Saturday:

Meal 1 (protein carb veggie): 1/2 c oatmeal, egg white scramble with veggies (broccoli or peppers) OR I prepared an egg white scramble with peppers and 1/2 c red potato diced OR meal replacement shake 
Meal 2: (snack- healthy fat + fruit) cashews/ almonds and 2 cuties, banana, or any fruit of choice 
Meal 3: (protein carb veggie) large vegetable rich salad with chicken/ tuna and vinegar OR chicken stir fry (3/4 diced chicken, 1 c vegetables) with low- sodium soy sauce and (1/2 c) steamed brown rice
Meal 4: (snack- healthy fat + fruit) peanut butter (2 tbls) and apple
Meal 5: turkey taco meat (3/4 c) lettuce wraps OR grilled chicken, sweet potato, and sweet green beans (recipe on blog) 
*Meal 6: (post-workout meal) protein shake with banana

As you can see, the plan itself is not much different from a normal clean-eating diet plan, but I can say this, I over eat! I use 'myfitnesspal' and track calories, but portion control has always been an issue with me. Hey, I like food! When Lisa came to pick up her meals, she had me laughing because she couldn't believe 4 days worth of food fit into a Nordstrom shopping bag. You don't realize how small 3/4 c of protein is until you measure and divide it. *We also weighed and measured ourselves today as a kickstart to the new us! I gained back 5 pounds over the last week by falling off track with my meal plans. Let that be an example as to how eating plays such a large role in dieting and maintaining weight.

How am I doing so far? Remember  how I mentioned I had this conception cleanses were for wackos? Well, I must be a wacko. Even after my 1:30pm freak out that I was not going to be able to do this, simply because I was famished by then (I wake up at 6:30am), I hung in there and am going strong. (Haha- makes me laugh because this is only day 1!) The fiber drink is like drinking liquid-y, citrus oatmeal in a cup, but I drank it fast and am dreading doing it again tomorrow... But stay tuned! 

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  1. Yes, first day down....I have never drank so much water lol. My day started with the gritty sandy fiber drink another glass of water then a spark drink (which I love) I then had for breakfast a protein shake. A fruit salad for a snack then another spark in the afternoon. For my afternoon snack I had a nice bowl of veggies and a salad for dinner. I woke up late today but git everything in and feel great. I did workout and git down 11 cups of water. Thanks Amanda for doing all the prep and cooking.....can't wait till tomo to taste all ur good cooking. We got this!!