Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lucky number 7...

 giveaway deets...

Who wants to win a free box of mandarin orange SPARK? The question should be, 'Who doesn't?
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Spark is 'energy of the Gods.' A my house, it's a new staple item in the cubbert. It gives you energy without that jittery feeling. Your energy level will not crash after using it either. The mandarin orange is one of my favorite flavors, and Lisa Long (my Advocare distributor) was kind enough to donate a box (a $23.00 value) for a cleanse-related giveaway. Find out more information about the product HERE.

So, how can you win? We're going to play a fun little game. First and foremost, you must go on Facebook and 'like' my official page, 'everyone deserves flowers.' There will be a status update about the giveaway, where you will comment. ONLY THERE WILL YOUR ENTRIES COUNT. THEREFORE, DO NOT COMMENT ON THE BLOG BELOW. 
It is said that you can lose up to 12-15 lbs. on the Advocare Challenge. (the full 24 days) To win the Spark, you have to have the closest guess to the combined number of pounds Lisa and I lose. If you have been following along, you know our eating patterns, when and where were tweaking the diet, and how often we're working out. May the odds be in your favor....

Today was a laid back day. The weather was fantastic, and we took advantage of it. We went to visit Grandma and Pap around noon, and Piper played 'peek-a-boo' with Pap through the screen door, which was adorable! Pap is 94 and doesn't get joy out of much anymore these days, so it's heartwarming when my little girl makes him laugh and he's kissing on her. 

Since we were swinging through there prior to lunchtime, I took along my catalyst and 'Spark' (*preparation) and then when we got home, I ate a 'big-ass salad' with chicken and my new coconut-infused vinegar I got yesterday [from Tastealotta.] I've have been holding strong. Eddie ate the rest of that dang peanut-butter egg that has been taunting me, so that's a plus too. 
(Jump on 'myfitnesspal' to follow my daily menu: MissPipersMommy)
Tonight, Eddie and I are going to try out some other oils and vinegars we purchased and grill up some shrimp-skewers. 

Tomorrow, we are back to the Fiber drink in the morning to close out the first 10 days (which I'm not looking forward to) and then we are going to be continuing on to complete the remaining 14 days of the 24 Day Challenge. 
After this, I better have a rockin' bod!

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