Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 6- Hump Day

extra virgin... 
Today was a beautiful day. I started my morning with a great kickboxing class taught by Lisa. (hehe) On any normal Saturday, I'd plug my workout into 'myfitnesspal' and get excited that I could consume 680 extra calories that day. Not today. Not during the cleanse. Since I've been eating such a clean and structured diet, feel great, and am already seeing the result of that, probably  not ever again. Seriously. The eating isn't really an issue. I'm not hungry since I'm eating every 2 1/2-3 hours and eating nutritious meals. Because of that, I have energy to spare.
I did have a slight hurdle to jump today, though. Like I mentioned, I wanted to visit 'Tastealotta' this weekend... so we did. I made sure I packed sippy-cups and snacks for Piper... And me. I made my spark, zip locked my catalyst (for right before lunch) and ate my fruit and nuts in the car on the way down. *preparation, preparation!  

It was such a fun, little pit stop. They infuse olive oils and vinegars with different flavors and allow you to sample them. From the dark chocolate balsamic to the Tuscan-herb olive oil, we had a good time. I LOVE vinegar. Add a little sweetness to it, and I'm sold. I ended up with a coconut wine vinegar for my salads (DELISH!) amongst a bunch of other 'sample-size' flavors, like raspberry and orange. Eddie got some infused oils for meat marinades and cooking with. Overall, a win. 

If you are local, I definitely recommend taking a short ride to Lemoyne and trying it out. Cute little day date-trip :) 

Since Eddie accompanied me to my vinegar tasting, (he enjoyed it though)  it was only fair that we stop at one of his favorite places up there on the way back, DUKES on the River. That is where the hurdle came into play. I'm adjusted to the clean-eating menu the cleanse outlines, but ordering off a restaurant menu left me dumbfounded for a minute. I thought, 'I'll order a big salad with no cheese or croutons with oil and vinegar.' They didn't have anything

 on the menu I could easily adjust for ordering- just overly topped salads with things like roasted walnuts and craisins or FRENCH FRIES. Really? So.. I got creative. (or so I think)

I ordered the broiled Salmon with steamed veggies and a side salad with no croutons, oil and vinegar. I ate the side of veggies first, then boxed half the salmon to avoid over eating (you are allotted 5 oz. fish or meat on the cleanse) and put the other half atop the salad and went to town. I commend myself, because it was so hard to not order the buffalo chicken sandwich and an alcoholic beverage... Which is exactly what Eddie ordered. Jerk. And Miss Piper slept through the whole meal. 

Still holding strong. Have a second half of broiled salmon for dinner later, and of course, a bunch of prepped sides and veggies.

Until tomorrow, friends... 
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  1. Well like you Amanda I too had a hurdle that I jumped today. I had a bridal shower and this was with my "party" friends so I knew they would have a stocked bar and lots of good eats....and I was right. I also packed my snack and had a spark on the way...and at the party drank water, had a plate full of raw veggies, grapes and some turkey wo any bread. There were cupcakes, puff pastries and chocolate covered strawberries along with chips and pretzels but I passsed....I am proud of myself but boy did I want something sweet. After the party a few of us sat around talking and the chips came around and were put on the table we were sitting at and the longer I sat there the stronger the urge to eat some I got more water :) after about an hour I had to go because I was going to give in to my temptation. Once I got home I had a yummy dinner...Brown rice with chicken, some hot salsa mixed with some I'm full, satisfied and don't feel guilty. I have had great results thus far, don't wanna mess it up with some chips and chocolate....I've worked to hard (thanks Amanda).... Bring it on day 7 !!!

  2. That place looks good! Keep it up girls :)