Saturday, April 6, 2013

Whooaaa- were halfway there!

Cleanse day 5, prep day 2... 

Today marks Day 5! Today also marks Lisa's birthday. And she better not eat cake (hahaha) 
**Note: Lisa has been 'commenting' at the end of my day-to-day blogposts and filling us in on her daily musings of the cleanse. Scroll down to ready how another cleanser has been doing during the challenge for some more input.

So, today I started off my day great. I weighed myself. I'm not going to tell how much Ive lost so far (I know I'm a tease, but you're   gonna have to wait until the end.) I am definitely not one to showcase my body. I truly NEVER walk around with a bikini top and shorts. I always wear a cover up or tank top. Even at my thinnest. (drunk is an exception to that statement- lol.) I've been consistent on a workout regimen with my sister for about 9 weeks now. I have been getting my diet [fairly] in check throughout that time, and now have taken on the cleanse and challenge. This morning was the first time I looked at myself and actually SAW and FELT results. So, I took a picture. Embarrassing enough, but I'm proud of my hard work and new found willpower, so I am going to share it. This is me. All of me. Biceps and all: 
If Eddie saw I posted this, he would make fun of me for daysssss ;)

Well, after I realized results are showing, I hit the gym for 'Bodypump' and I went harder than usual. I had sustained energy and it felt amazing. I took a little trip over to Lisa's to go over some more meal options for the rest of the cleanse, and to deliver this:

Her daughter, Olivia, ordered it for her from 'everyone deserves flowers.' I've gotten so consumed in the cleanse and watching my diet, I had to take a short break from promoting my business, but please, if you haven't yet, stop by 'everyone deserves flowers.' official Facebook page and 'like' it. *THERE WILL BE A CLEANSE-RELATED GIVEAWAY POSTED SOON, AS IN, KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED SOON, AND IT WILL BE POSTED ONLY ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE! 

Since the meals we prepped for the last 5 days did the job, we 
decided to pretty much stay with the same menu, just prepping more steamed veggies for grabbing and chicken fajita strips for salad. So I hit the grocery store. 

Prep Menu:
Meal 1: 8 egg white scramble with 1/2 c red potatoes and peppers

OR oatmeal and egg white garden omelet (make fresh) OR oatmeal and hardboiled eggs
  Meals 2 or 4: bag nuts and fruit OR peanut butter and fruit
  Meals 3 or 5: chicken and vegetable stir-fry with brown rice, chicken fajita strips for salads, grilled chicken diced for salads, grilled chicken, sweet potato, and vegetable + extra veggies to grab as hungry

So, while Lisa was home getting a nice birthday 'sensual massage' from the hubs, my night looked a little more something like this: 
Ahhh! But we're prepped and ready to go onto day 6! BRING IT, 

..don't be shy, and thanks for stopping by!.. 
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