Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 3.. Breezin' by

third times a charm...

The day-by-day updates are probably going to get a little boring from here on out. Today was the same thing as the last two days: wake up, grab my prepared ziplock of Advocare products, pop some supplements, eat clean, pop some more supps, fight the urge to devour Eddie's peanut butter egg he has hidden in the back of the fridge like I don't know it's there (I'm like a hound dog hunting a coon when it comes to chocolate) brush my teeth to stop the salivating, and get my butt to bed! 

Seriously though, today has been a breeze for me! Eating pretty clean and on track most of the time definitely has helped me stick to the diet part of the cleanse. If you haven't started cleansing yet, try to get into a meal-planning and eating clean routine before jumping right into it. 
The fiber drink goes down A LOT smoother when you mix and chug. It took me 8 gulps to get it all down (I'm a pretty good chugger- learned that during my flip-cup days.) 
I went hard on cardio today and was a little afraid of my energy level because of the condensed food intake, but I did better than I have in a long time. (I tend to steer away from cardio whenever I can because, well, it sucks.) The Spark energy drink really plays a role in my workouts and overall daily function. I do drink Spark even when I am not cleansing. Eddie likes it too. The mango flavor is the bomb! 
When you are dieting down or cleansing, all you think about is food though. Not exactly in a 'I could go for a burger' type of way, but a 'what time is it? One more hour and I have to at meal 3' kind of way. I am loving the prep work we did for this. Meal 3 (lunch) came, and I just grabbed my small container of 1/2 c. brown rice and ziplock bag of chicken stir fry with veggies and 4 chunks of pineapple, cooked in low-sodium soy sauce... heat and eat! No thought. And it was delicious. Great meal option for those of you who have to feed a family. Everyone will enjoy it! There is a more in-depth recipe here
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Tonight I am going to have a large, veggie stocked salad with turkey-taco meat and salsa. Would I love to have some cheese and sour cream on there? Heck yes! But, you can't have cheese... or much dairy at all. So I'll deal. 

Lisa (who is cleansing with me) dropped off some flavor infused oils and vinegars I could play with and put on my salads (allowed to have just 1 tablespoon oil/ salad) and they are delicious. The are from a place in Lemoyne, PA called TASTEALOTTA. Apparently, they infuse oils and vinegars and you can go have taste samples, learn different recipes on their site, and use the oils and vinegars for different mixtures for different flavors. Since it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend (sunny weather just means my margarita cravings will be on high force) and I'm cleansing, I'm going to drag Eddie up there as a little date/ road trip. So, I'll take pics and keep you updated on some yummy mixtures! 

 Well, I guess that's it for day 3's updates. If you're following along, keep going strong! 

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  1. Good job! Stay strong. Chocolate companies will still be producing in 21 days so don't give in!

  2. Today was tough for me but I pushed through....I had lunch with my coworkers and they were eating fries, burgers and my fav.....drinking Pepsi. I'm on day 3 wo Pepsi....for anyone who knows me that has been a big challenge. Today I had some cravings for sugar and bad carbs but didn't give in...yeah for me :) I'm very happy for tomorrow fiber Stay tuned ......

  3. I think my biggest draw back was the dairy! I coukdnt have it so it made me want more. Just finished the cleanse and lost 10 pounds. Im excited.

  4. I started the cleanse 3 days ago and look at your blog for inspiration! I love it! Thanks!!!