Friday, July 12, 2013

Omg- Is that Siri Cruz!?

dress your baby like a celebrity...

As a 'stay-at-home mom' (aside of my flower business and babysitting gigs), and a single mom at that, working off one income, I know how difficult it can be to 'keep up with the Jones' per say.
I though, never had an issue doing so.
I'd say I'm pretty good at budgeting, but that's not true.
I'll tell you what my specialty is: SHOPPING! (lol) Yup, I'm really good at it. I love spending money, and I love new things..
but what I love more is a bargain!
My daughter will be 2 in August. Since the moment I found out I was having a baby girl, naturally, I wanted to go shopping and buy her the best clothes a girl can find. At first, I did just that. Designer baby booties and baby bag were first on my list. I have my older sister who has been through this before and warned me that they only wear something once or twice before you're into the next size. But a tutu in every color was in order!
After I had Piper, I realized I wasn't into the 'Carter's' matchy-matchy baby outfits. Just as I dress myself, I love to accessorize my baby and mix and match her outfits. I found that buying a few good pieces per season or per size was benefiting me more, style wise AND budget wise, than overwhelming myself with baby clothes galore (as everyone tends to do, especially for your baby shower.)
So, from about 6-months on I have been building her wardrobe as I do my own. Every season I clean out my own clothes. If it's not something I would buy at the mall today, or havent worn it in the last whole year, it's out! Purge to make more room for GOOD stuff... timeless pieces. In another case, babies grow out of their clothes, and you move onto the next size...
Some of my favorite stores to grab good deals on name-brand pieces for Piper include: TJ Maxx, Ross, Old Navy, Baby Gap, Gymboree, and Childrens Place on occasion. My #1 place to find some 'different' bou-tiquey outfits and accessories is or
So, this is where I start:


  • play shoes (Piper wears her 'Robeez' slip-ons for park and play)

  • Sneakers: converse are inexpensive and add a little funk

  • 1-2 dress shoes- get black, white or a statement color like red or leopard to match tons of dresses
  • Fall/Winter: 1-2 Pair of Classic Boots (i.e. riding boots)
  • Summer: 2 sandles


  • A Skirt
  • A cute Blouse/ eyelet shirt
  • A dress or two for parties/occasions that season
  • 2-3 Cardigans or blazers
  • 3 Pairs Of Jeans/pants (black leggins are a must!)
  • 4 tanks or onsies (these go with cardigans or blazers)
  • 1 light jacket/rain jacket/winter coat (or in my case, a fur vest is a staple item!)
  • 2 pajama sets


  • belt
  • headbands/hair clips
  • scarf (Dollar Tree has thin, small scarfs for kids)
  • Leggings or Tights (to layer with your summer pieces for fall- if they'll still fit)
  • Summer: sunglasses and hat
I've always gotten compliments on Piper's outfits- whether I settled for deep blue jeans and converse sneakers that size or black pleather leggings with a blouse and fur vest, she's always looking hot-to-trot! Her wardrobe definetly outweighs mine these days. Here are some tips and tricks to staying in budget when doing your shopping:
  1. Consignment and Thrift Shops aren't what they used to be. With the economy the way it is, lots of moms are working to help eachother out. I've found a Ralph Lauren bubble vest for $2.00 and brand new BabyGap zebra flats for $2.00. Worth taking a trip and seeing what's new when it's time to finish your list.
  2. Buy big! When I say this I obviously don't mean go crazy. If you see something on the clearance rack (which is the only place you should be looking anyway) which is too cute, grab it for next season or next YEAR. I got Piper an adorable camel colored trench coat on 'Children's Place' clearance rack that I couldn't pass up. She'll be matching Mommy this Fall.
  3. Think ahead: make a list. Like I mentioned above about picking up a party dress or two for upcoming occasions, you need to plan ahead. My next shopping trip will consist of Thanksgiving and Christmas (I already have her Halloween costume put away from a clearance rack last year)
If you're anything like me, recovering from being a shopaholic is hard. And recovering from being a shopaholic in which you spoiled yourself in the past is even harder. But remember, your children are a reflection of you!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June feature: Rockin' Out DJ Service

All she wants to do is DANCE!...
There has been some life changes (good changes) going on in my life and it was time to step away from social media and take a little break- focus on me. But all, I'MMMM BACCCKKKKK ;)
If there's one thing everyone in my circle knows about me, it's that this girl loves to shake it! (I'd love to be shakin' it for Luke Bryan but we won't go there- haha)
As I stated in my last feature of the month, I am going to be dedicating them to my fellow vendors through Blondie's Bridal Salon. This month, since Stella's been gettin her groove back over here, I decided to feature my friend Rich and his DJ business. He is, not only, extremely helpful and kind but also extremely talented at what he does!
Hi!  My name is Rich Berkheimer and I the owner of Rockin Out DJ Service (  I am soo glad to work with Amanda Elliott and 'everyone deserves flowers.' Her flowers are amazing in concept and beautifully unique in design. Like nothing I’ve ever seen.
I’ve been the owner of my Wedding DJ biz since 2007 and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else other than working in music and for Brides & Grooms.  Although I still question my decision when someone asks me,
“Do you know that song by that one fat Country singer??”
Yes that was a question last week at an event I did, but we figured out she was speaking of Jake Owen.  Jake Owen fat??  Anyway, I love running a Wedding DJ business in York County and am proud to be a Blondie’s vendor.
I worked in DJ’ing ever since age 19.  Mostly off and on for radio stations.  My first job in wedding dj’ing, I was given nothing but old school R&B albums and sent to my first wedding armed with nothing but crates of albums and equipment I couldn’t lift. At the event, the Bride & Groom were already in the room, I didn’t know it.  I was soo embarrassed and then when the Groom confronted me about only having R&B, he told me to go home.  I was mortified and then quit.  Went to college and then after a stint as an In-Studio cameraperson at WGAL, I went back to Country Music radio. I always like to stay busy and enjoy the fun of spontaneityOne day got tired of explaining my jokes to my Music Director so I left that station. Still wanting to remain in Music I began working for who is now, my closest DJ competition. But after 7 years with him,  I had realized that I had acquired the knowledge, the hard knocks and the diverse creative music ideas that I needed to create and establish my own DJ biz.
So I did.  I am sooo happy with what I created.  It dovetails with my personality so well.  Rockin Out DJ Service has grown so much over the years. We have added uplighting, we have given the Brides more control over the music within the evening.  Now we do Instrumental songs, Karaoke songs and local band music during Ceremonies. We’ve even added a Bridesmaids Guest DJ, Garter Toss on a Football, Sole Mates (our Newlywed style shoe game) and so many other fantastic unique ideas for Wedding Receptions.  The website has grown, we now have a Pinterest board,  Plus there’s a blog and we have great working relationships with many other vendors. Plus we do Karaoke( and Pool parties at Pine Ridge Swim Club once a week. And in just 5 years we were amazed to be honored with being chosen the 2013 Wedding’s Best DJ Award as voted by our clients/friends.
I’m so happy and ecstatic to be working with so many other great vendors at Blondie’s. There are vendors there I didn’t even know existed, Floral preservation, custom bow ties??  How awesome!! Really love this opportunity and glad to make the most of this to improve not only Rockin Out DJ Service but to work with the best vendors in the business and share my knowledge and promote them as well making the wedding industry more successful in the process. The sky is the limit.
If you’re looking for an affordable Wedding DJ in York or Lancaster PA, who is excited about your event and innovative with a diverse Music Library and great lighting, look me up

I look foward to working alongside Rich in creating the dream weddings all my brides envision.
*Pretty it up by day, rock it out by night!*

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