Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mission accomplished..

Today marked the last day of the cleanse. We made it!
The number one question everyone is wondering, 'how much weight did we drop?' Well, we lost... A good bit for just 10 days. But I'm not going to leak that information before the GIVEAWAY. (details HERE) I must say, a lot of you have high hopes for us. I have guesstimations posted as high as a 35 pound weight loss. Hey, you never know...

I'm going to take this post to go over the pits and perks of the cleanse for those of you following along or possibly looking to do it in the future. First off, Lisa (who has done the cleanse with me and will be continuing on to do the remaining 14 days to complete the challenge as well) has been commenting after my blogposts to give a little more insight as to how she was holding up. Here is how she felt, pretty much day-to-day, as someone who has just started a path to a clean-eating diet and GAVE UP SODA! Woo-hoo!
day 1: Yes, first day down....I have never drank so much water lol. My day started with the gritty sandy fiber drink another glass of water then a spark drink (which I love) I then had for breakfast a protein shake. A fruit salad for a snack then another spark in the afternoon. For my afternoon snack I had a nice bowl of veggies and a salad for dinner. I woke up late today but git everything in and feel great. I did workout and get down 11 cups of water. Thanks Amanda for doing all the prep and cooking.....can't wait till tomo to taste all ur good cooking. We got this!!
day 2: Day 2 done...bring on day 3...
day 3: Today was tough for me but I pushed through....I had lunch with my coworkers and they were eating fries, burgers and my fav.....drinking Pepsi. I'm on day 3 w/o Pepsi....for anyone who knows me that has been a big challenge. Today I had some cravings for sugar and bad carbs but didn't give in...yeah for me :) I'm very happy for tomorrow fiber Stay tuned ......
day 4: Woohoo, day 4 done. Today was just as tempting as birthday is tomorrow and my other coworker's birthday is our friends at work asked us what kind of cake we wanted...Patrick of course wanted an ice cream cake and I explained to my coworkers I was on this challenge and did not want cake, although the thought was much today they made me a wonderful salad which sat right beside the ice cream cake....but I did not give in and I'm very proud of was so thoughtful and respectful of my coworkers to make me the fruit salad.....thanks!! However walking by the cake was hard....especially on my birthday. So to make myself feel better (hopefully) I came home and did something your not supposed to do....get on the scale....I was so happy, I have lost 8 lbs in 4 days....WHAAAATTTTT??!!! having this instant gratification has made me want to do this even more. Bring on day 5.
day 6: Well like you Amanda I too had a hurdle that I jumped today. I had a bridal shower and this was with my "party" friends so I knew they would have a stocked bar and lots of good eats....and I was right. I also packed my snack and had a spark on the way...and at the party drank water, had a plate full of raw veggies, grapes and some turkey wo any bread. There were cupcakes, puff pastries and chocolate covered strawberries along with chips and pretzels but I passsed....I am proud of myself but boy did I want something sweet. After the party a few of us sat around talking and the chips came around and were put on the table we were sitting at and the longer I sat there the stronger the urge to eat some I got more water :) after about an hour I had to go because I was going to give in to my temptation. Once I got home I had a yummy dinner...Brown rice with chicken, some hot salsa mixed with some I'm full, satisfied and don't feel guilty. I have had great results thus far, don't wanna mess it up with some chips and chocolate....I've worked 
to hard (thanks Amanda).... Bring it on day 7 !!!
day 7: Uggghhh....the fiber drink. :(
day 9:  You can make me some of that deliciousness (commenting on spaghetti squash with spicy turkey meat sauce recipe HERE)...... Yummy. I guess it's getting easier, the eating thing is pretty much down now did I loose weight? Inches? Can't wait to weigh in....better yet, can't wait to see what all of you blog readers think we lost.....stay tuned!!

Haha- Some of these definitely make me laugh looking back at our past week, but you know what... it's a lot easier now! The diet starts to become part of your daily routine, just like hitting the gym. Here is an overview of the 'perks and pits' and what I would tell an average person looking to purchase the Advocare cleanse and complete it successfully.

So that's it! Mission (Phase 1) accomplished. Now, onto Phase 2.. the remaining 14-days to complete the 'Advocare Challenge.' I will not bore you with day-to-day postings for another 2 weeks, but come APRIL 24th, Lisa and I will be doing our official weigh-in and measure. Winner of the GIVEAWAY will be announced on that  day, so keep your eyes peeled!

..don't be shy, and thanks for stopping by!.. 
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  1. I'm ready for the next phase....had a great wkout tonight and my friend commented that my face looked thinner .....yeah, someone noticed my hard wk....that's the best!! The next phase (day 11-24) will consist of ALOT of pills...and although I don't have a problem taking them, it seems like I'm now a pill popper... Lol ok, dinner done had lots of yummy veggies and my fav taco turkey meat salad w peach pineapple salsa...delicious. Lunch is packed and I'm ready for the morning. Bring it on day 11, we're ready.!!!!!

  2. Great blog. I just received my 24-day bundle and I am so excited to get started. I used your tips for using storage bags to organize and I can tell already that it's going to be a huge help! Thanks so much!