Monday, February 25, 2013

and 18 months later...


I have been working with flowers since I was 15 years old, and have always known that is where my true passion lied. With intentions and goals on opening my own flower shop one day (you know how that goes) I decided to leave my full time job when I found out I was going to be a new mommy. I had all these amazing ideas written down: prices panned out, a name for my shop, the works... Well, 18 months later, here I am, officially kickstarting it up! And, 18 months later, this is what I have looking at me while I'm typing my little heart out right now:

Although I've never stopped being passionate about my dream, or working with flowers, things just fell to the wayside when I became a mom. I started telling friends, a Facebook status here and there... then I started this little blog. Word-of-mouth travels fast I suppose, because my inbox is starting to fill up with questions and appointment requests, my calendar is starting to fill up with wedding dates, and I am actually happy to start doing what I should have been doing for years now. I am becoming a local florist!

I do wedding and event appointments out of my home and dedicate "wedding season" (Spring-Fall) to doing what I love. I do take everyday orders as well (pre-ordered),  but weddings are my forte.

 Because I work from home, I have no overhead. I buy my flowers directly from a wholesaler and handle everything myself. Ordering from me will ensure you are getting quality, fresh flowers, you are getting a great price, and you know who will be handling your order personally, and I am accessible and easy to reach.

*I also dabble in party planning, helping craft banners, set up dessert/candy tables, invitations, little girl's tea parties, etc. If you see something on Pinterest or Etsy, or have any ideas for extra decor for your event, I am sure I will be able to help you with it as well.

So, today I just started a Facebook business page (a little behind the times with that one) but please CLICK HERE to stop by, 'like' it, please 'share' it, and enjoy it. When I reach my first 100 likes, I will be doing my first GIVEAWAY! 
 I hope to see familiar faces and names on the page, from 'myfitnesspal' followers, 'instagram' and local friends and family. This is a new venture for me; a vision I have been dreaming up since I was a young teen. I want nothing more than to share this with everyone... since we do ALL deserve flowers.

..don't be shy, and thanks for stopping by!.. 
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