Thursday, March 21, 2013

ohhh, so u a preacher now...

cleanses are for wackos...  

My two passions in life (other than the obvious family, friends, shopping...) are as follows: flowers and floral design (DUH) and health and wellness. Working in, let me rephrase that, living in a gym (because you spend your work time and workout time there- which is more than you are home) for the many years I did allowed me to see the changes people have made in their lives for the better. Losing weight, gaining control, running that extra mile (literally and metaphorically).. It could be such an inspirational atmosphere.  At least the motivation to work out and stay healthy was instilled in me from that chapter of my life. New book though... 

So I preach and preach and preach about a more healthy lifestyle, "clean eating," working out.. Blah blah blah. Have you had enough? Well, TOUGH! Cause this girl is going to saddle up and do the 10-day Advocare cleanse.

I will never blog something I wouldn't do or love myself... But my love for cleanses is more like my love for relish... Or toffee... which I hate. With me? ;) I always thought cleanses were for wackos. Which is why I'm bringing my trusty little friend, Lisa, along for the torture with me. What a trooper. But in all seriousness, it was kind of her idea. I mentioned it, and being sick of the way she's been eating and letting her diet fall to the wayside, without thought or pause, she was on board. Let's face it... working out, dieting, and anything of that sort is much easier when you have a partner. Hopefully she brings the reins in for me as well, and we complete this together with us BOTH seeing the results we should. Then, last minute, a friend of mine from back home in Jersey, Michelle, said she wants to follow us and join in on the action. Thanks to social media and face-time, now I have two 'helpers' along the way!

*It may get confusing. My sister's name, who I workout with everyday and doing a mild weight-loss challenge with, is Lisa. My Advocare  representative, whom I featured on my blog in January, is named Lisa. And now, my cleanse partner is Lisa. I'll try my best to refer to them by their title (sister, Advocare rep, cleanse partner) but if I don't, try to follow closely.

The word 'cleanse' just scares me. Drinking a vinegar and spinach smoothie for a week is just unsettling. Who does that!!? Well, the advocare 'cleanse' is nothing of the sort. It's a clean food cleanse... lots of protein, veggies, healthy carbs, healthy fats... the normal stuff you hear me talk about. I do consider myself a fairly 'clean eater' (does Nutella qualify as clean? Hmm...) but, would like to put my determination to reach my fitness goal and my new found willpower (believe me, ask anyone, this is a new affair between me and chocolate) to the test. So I researched the cleanse. By research I really mean I sent Lisa Long, my advocare distributor, 1,002 Facebook messages about what I can and can't eat for these 10 days. The plan really isn't so bad. Not that different from my eating habits now. So, I'm going to try it.
A. I want to clear my body of toxins (Nutella) 
B. To lose those last extra el-bees (lbs) I just can't kick-box off 
C. And to start clean this Summer. Maybe the 'good feeling' everyone raves about after cleansing will deplete the amount of fish tacos and margaritas I inhale this summer at 'Mother's Cantina' (great place.. Great.Place.) 

So, Lisa and I sat down together and came up with a plan of what groceries to buy, looking off of our created 'mock menus' for the next 10 days of torture were setting ourselves up for: 

I cannot stress enough how important prepping your foods can be when it comes down to crunch time. Having a healthy grab-and-go option available will help fight the cravings (for Nutella) you are having. (Maybe I should add Nutella to one of my passions in life, huh?) So, that's exactly what we did; we prepped for the first 5 days and plan on meeting and completing our prep for the last 5 as well. 

We all took 'before' pictures in hopes the 'after' pictures have significant, noticeable change, and took our measurements. We all work out (Lisa teaches classes, including the kickboxing I rave about and is only the best instructor at Gold's Gym) Michelle goes to a gym daily, and we all know I hit the cardio and weights with my sister everyday. So, we're putting it to the test. Full force. No cheating. Structured. Planned. Including exercise.

I will be blogging our 'Advocare cleanse' experience: our daily menus, things were having difficulties with, things that are easy throughout the cleanse, the pounds we've lost so far, and just an overall aspect of what the cleanse entails. If it is something you've been looking into, or something you've never heard of before, I'm sure the next blog posts will help enlighten you. I will also be posting pictures of our food on my instagram under #mandalisacleanse to give everyone ideas of what you can concoct, and of course, pinning!
 So, follow me in all aspects of my social-media obsession.
Here. We. Go!... on April 1st. (hehe) 

Until then, if you'd like any further information about the cleanse or would like to hop on board and follow along, feel free to contact my Advocare Distributor and she will be able to lead you in the right direction:


..don't be shy, and thanks for stopping by!.. 
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