Sunday, January 13, 2013



I'm {Amanda}
a mom to little miss {Piper Rose}
a girlfriend to {Eddie}

a born and raised Jersey Girl
a lover of all things leopard print
an avid list maker
a diet meal, weekly menu planner

a chronic picture taker
a decent cook
a lover of sunsets 
an awful singer (but that doesn't stop me)
a woman who constantly vacuums
a believer in God
a hopeless romantic
a floral designer

Welcome to my Blog! I'm so excited to actually get this venture going, and not only to have followers, but to grow as a person and be able to reflect back on that through my blog posts and writing. What you will find on this blog will be daily musings and news, sneak peaks of upcoming wedding and event florals, smart eating recipes and workouts, crafts, quotes, scrapbooking highlights, floral specials and give-always... really, anything my little heart feels like sharing that specific day! I am a real girl in a real world. I was not blessed with rock hard abs or the ability to know what was going to be thrown my way tomorrow.  I work hard to achieve certain goals day by day.  This blog is meant for the REAL mom, woman, crafter, etc. who knows 'hey, mistakes happen' and wants to follow, learn, and grow WITH me.  I'd also like to highlight locals, maybe once a month, in the same business realm of wedding and events. 

..don't be shy, and thanks for stopping by!.. 

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  1. You really know how to inspire people :) Thank You!!!!!!

  2. Great stuff... lol and i havent even dug in yet.