Thursday, May 23, 2013

May Feature: Awesome Cake Lady

we know I love cupcakes... 

It's that time of the month again! (Oh... don't be dirty!) 

It's time for me to 'feature' a local business of choice. As you know, if you've been following my blog, I work very closely with a wedding dress shop, "Blondie's Bridal Salon." There, I work amongst very talented vendors within the wedding world, including DJs, a floral preserving specialist, a jewelry maker, bakers, caterers... Anything you would need to make your special day that much more memorable. (As Blondie's says, they 'have everything except the groom.' That ones on you.)

I love having these talents at my fingertips to distribute their information to my brides at consultations, and have chosen to do just that with my "features of the month" from here on out. I am going to highlight each one, allowing my blog to be a great source for all your planning needs. Some of these vendors may come into play for other events as well, such as big birthday parties or to use their workings as gifts, so make sure you stop by and read month by month! 

This month I chose to reach out to the 'Awesome Cake Lady' and allow her to showcase some of her work and tell you a little bit about herself. Call me biased, but my love for chocolate overtakes all! Her thriving career in the baking world has been reaching an all time high, and I can't wait to see her business grow alongside mine. She is very talented in the way of, if you have seen something you want or would like to design something yourself, she can do it! I've seen her make 'Finding Nemo' cupcakes that were just adorable. I can't wait to use her for Piper's upcoming fancy Elmo party this year! (Which is coming way too soon! How is my daughter going to be 2 already!?)

Hi! I'm Courtney. I was born and raised in York County, and I love everything about being a local girl.  After graduating from Northeastern High School early, I wanted to refine my love and talent for design.  I attended Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts and enjoyed every second as I developed my own style.  After obtaining my Associates Degree in Graphic Design I decided to try my hand in cake design.  I absolutely fell in LOVE with it. When not coming up with yet another unique cake design, I can be found at home with my two beautiful daughters and my cake taste-testing husband. My favorite part about designing cakes is seeing the smiles on my clients faces when they pick up their orders!
Stop in and visit me at 'Blondies Bridal Salon' where I do my consultations and order placing, and let me amaze you with my talents!

The Tiffany blue wedding cupcakes are so cute!
Hey, while we're here, might as well showcase some of my latest bouquets that went out the door, right:
If you know me, you know my love for peonies!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

model rockin..

first promo shoot...
This has probably been the longest lag time in-between blog posts since I started writing. I have been so busy, which is a great thing! Mother's day was more than successful with me reaching my order goal, and on top of that our local proms were this past weekend, leaving me up to my chin with things to get done.
I recently partnered up with my friend, who just so happens to be the best photographer around, Amanda Naylor, and we conducted a photoshoot to showcase some bouquets from 'everyone deserves flowers.' Together we create a magical thing. A duo noone can top (in my opinion) and I love working alongside her for weddings and events.
and here we are: (hehe)
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It was so much fun! We chose three beautiful young girls to play bride for the day, Blondie's Bridal Salon supplied dresses, and Jessica Lynn Salon did their hair and make-up. Here are some of the designs:
These girls totally rocked it, and Mandy went above and beyond expectations as far as photography went. To see more pictures, visit her blog and website at As part of her blogpost for this shoot, she conducted an interview for me, which I've never had to do yet. It left me, as the owner and designer of the business, with more understanding as to why I love what I do, which I found funny. There were a few questions in which the awnsers really helped pin-point my design technique:

What sets you apart from others? Every floral designer has a different 'style,' and that all depends on who you learned from. Like I mentioned, I tried to learn from many, taking the best of everyone and incorporating all of it into MY style. I also pride myself on creating unique florals. No vase that goes out the door is the same as another. I worked at one shop (name disclosed) that set their business up with a flower 'menu,' so to say. It works for them, and it's great for a man to come in who is unfamiliar with flowers, point to a picture, and order something for the misses. But you know what? 5 neighbors received the same arrangement that Mother's Day. Maybe that's a great business tool, but that's not for me. Like I said, I want the 'wow' factor... every. time. Even if its a simple rose in a bud vase, you're going to have a little sparkle, a little 'jersey' bling... And no one is going to receive the same arrangement delivered to them. It was created just for YOU.
I also work out of my home, therefore having no overhead. I buy my flowers directly from the wholesaler. That ensures you are getting a quality freshness, you are getting a great price, and you know who will be handling your order, and is accessable and easy to reach. I am also a preferred vendor through Blondie's Bridal Salon and work amongst many other very talented vendors in the bridal business.
Describe your designs in 5 words. Funky. Unique. Sentimental. Pretty. Fresh.
What are your favorite supplies/flowers to work with? I like to incorporate feathers, rhinestones, gems, branches, beads, sparkles, rocks, gems... Anything that'll give it that extra touch. My all time favorite flower is very popular, a peony. White. But I also love oncidium orchids, antique hydrangea, garden roses, tuberose, dusty miller, parrot tulips, astilbe, ranunculus, anemone... I guess I simply love it all! Haha. :)

This past month has left me with the upmost belief that my dream of becoming an elite wedding designer is going to come true! Another day, another step closer.. here we go!
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