Thursday, May 23, 2013

May Feature: Awesome Cake Lady

we know I love cupcakes... 

It's that time of the month again! (Oh... don't be dirty!) 

It's time for me to 'feature' a local business of choice. As you know, if you've been following my blog, I work very closely with a wedding dress shop, "Blondie's Bridal Salon." There, I work amongst very talented vendors within the wedding world, including DJs, a floral preserving specialist, a jewelry maker, bakers, caterers... Anything you would need to make your special day that much more memorable. (As Blondie's says, they 'have everything except the groom.' That ones on you.)

I love having these talents at my fingertips to distribute their information to my brides at consultations, and have chosen to do just that with my "features of the month" from here on out. I am going to highlight each one, allowing my blog to be a great source for all your planning needs. Some of these vendors may come into play for other events as well, such as big birthday parties or to use their workings as gifts, so make sure you stop by and read month by month! 

This month I chose to reach out to the 'Awesome Cake Lady' and allow her to showcase some of her work and tell you a little bit about herself. Call me biased, but my love for chocolate overtakes all! Her thriving career in the baking world has been reaching an all time high, and I can't wait to see her business grow alongside mine. She is very talented in the way of, if you have seen something you want or would like to design something yourself, she can do it! I've seen her make 'Finding Nemo' cupcakes that were just adorable. I can't wait to use her for Piper's upcoming fancy Elmo party this year! (Which is coming way too soon! How is my daughter going to be 2 already!?)

Hi! I'm Courtney. I was born and raised in York County, and I love everything about being a local girl.  After graduating from Northeastern High School early, I wanted to refine my love and talent for design.  I attended Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts and enjoyed every second as I developed my own style.  After obtaining my Associates Degree in Graphic Design I decided to try my hand in cake design.  I absolutely fell in LOVE with it. When not coming up with yet another unique cake design, I can be found at home with my two beautiful daughters and my cake taste-testing husband. My favorite part about designing cakes is seeing the smiles on my clients faces when they pick up their orders!
Stop in and visit me at 'Blondies Bridal Salon' where I do my consultations and order placing, and let me amaze you with my talents!

The Tiffany blue wedding cupcakes are so cute!
Hey, while we're here, might as well showcase some of my latest bouquets that went out the door, right:
If you know me, you know my love for peonies!

..don't be shy, and thanks for stopping by!.. 
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  1. Their dazzling flowers are ideal for winning hearts and making impressions.

  2. I like the concept of making flower cake. It is much unique and different. You have done great work. Keep it up!